Scoundrels and Rogues is a boutique cider producer based in North Canterbury, New Zealand.

Our philosophy is a hands-off approach. Well…. It’s either that or we are just a bit forgetful. To be honest, it’s probably a bit of both. To achieve our aims, we make small batches of cider just once a year, at harvest time, from whole fruit, which we either grow ourselves, or raid from a selection of orchards in the dead of night.

We don’t buy concentrate, and we don’t add flavourings. We use only barrels, and only wild yeasts, and following with the philosophy, we leave most of our ciders in barrel for at least a year, again with minimal intervention,

before we blend and bottle them.


We started with just one cider, from 2013. Then it became two ciders in 2014.

Now due to a constant inablility to make up our minds, and the fact that we keep all our
batches and barrels separate, the range has increased.. We probably just left ourselves
too many options! Due to a complete lack of planning, interesting things have happened
unexpectedly. We didn’t set out to make any more than one cider, but due to a complex
mixture of nefarious techniques, impressive skills, and to be fair, a bit of downright
neglect, the result is now five ciders. We were as surprised as anyone. We thought our

ciders were all damn tasty, but we knew we were biased, so when we entered
the three we had available at the time into the NZ cider awards for 2016, we were
stunned to fnd that right proper judges agreed with us, with all three of the ciders
we entered getting a Gold medal.


Our three Golds was more than any other cider producer was awarded.

We're not getting a real job any time soon.


Our ciders are all a bit intense and a little
bit funky, but you’ll get over it.

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