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Our Ciders

PC 2020 330ml.jpg

Pleasantly Corrupted Apple Cider

This cider is handmade and mildly offensive.

330ml – 8.6%       

500ml – 8.9%

This cider is made with a touch of sweetness, to balance out the full body. It has spent 18 months in barrel, and is comprised of a blend heritage and dessert apples. 

MB 2020 330ml.jpg

Morally Bankrupt Pear Cider

This pear cider is rustic and funky.

330ml – 6.9%

500ml – 6.9%

This Pear cider was made from the contents of only a few ancient pear trees, fermented in a barrel, and then aged for six months. It is made in a Methode style, with a refreshing palate, strong pear character, and a hint of sweetness.

SRCBH3 2021_edited.jpg

Bad Habit Light-ish Apple Cider

This cider is crisp yet full of character

330ml – 6.4%

This cider is a seasonal blend of barrels, the product of a wild ferment and has spent an average of 2 years lurking in barrels.

EG 2020 330ml.jpg

Evil Genius Imperial Apple Cider

This cider is handmade and mildly offensive.

330ml – 12.8%

This cider represents a small barrel selection of the most complex and intense cider available from a vintage.
It has a rich character with hints of toffee apple, and while it has sweetness, it is balanced by natural acidity which gives a crisp finish.

CS 2020 375ml.jpg

Cold Shoulder Ice Cider

This cider is sweet and devoid of bubbles.

375ml – 10.1%

This Ice Cider is just a selection from the best barrels of freeze concentrated juice. It is made like dessert wine, with no carbonation, and is very sweet, with notes of toffee apple, honey, and tropical fruits, but balanced with great acidity and tannins. 

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