Our Ciders

Pleasantly Corrupted Cider - 8.5%

This cider is handmade and mildly offensive, but you'll get over it.

This cider is the 3rd release of our original style, made with a touch of sweetness, to balance out the full body. It has spent 18 months in barrel, and is comprised of a blend of both dry and sweet cider batches, from a mix of heritage and desert apples. This blend gives it an impressive intensity, rich tannins, and a balanced sweetness, that should not be cloying. Once the juice is pressed it is left to undergo wild fermentation in old French oak barrels. Post ferment, the cider is aged in barrel, on lees, to build complexity and to soften the tannins. It’s designed to be a cider that delivers more than just sweetness and a light apple flavour, it’s designed
to deliver a balance between tannins, sweetness, and alcohol.

Morally Bankrupt Pear Cider - 7.9%

This pear cider is rustic and funky, but you’ll get over it.

This Pear cider was made from the contents of only a few ancient pear trees, fermented in a barrel, and then aged (or rather forgotten about) for six months. It is made in a Methode style, with a refreshing palate, strong pear character, and a hint of sweetness.

Repeat Offender Dry Cider - 8.5%

This cider is dry and funky, but you’ll get over it.

This cider was fermented in old barrels and aged a year and a half prior to bottling. While some dry ciders can have a piercing acidity that can send a shiver down your spine, the aging process in this cider has created a mellow complex palate that balances the acidity with the flavour. It’s designed to have a rich full flavour without the overbearing tartness
that can crept into the dry style. It should leave you wanting to pour, drink, and repeat offend as often as required.

Evil Genius Imperial Cider - 10.9%

This cider is handmade and mildly offensive, but you'll get over it.

What happens when some of the batches of cider you make turn out to have an extra level of complexity, intensity, and let’s be frank,
alcoholic content? You feel compelled to do something with them rather than loose them in the blend. Made in a similar way to the
Pleasantly Corrupted Cider, the Evil Genius 2016 follows on from the 2014 release, and represents a small barrel selection of the most complex and intense cider available from that vintage.
It has a rich character with hints of toffee apple, and while it has sweetness, it is balanced by natural acidity which gives a crisp fnish.

Cold Shoulder Ice Cider - 10.2%

This cider is sweet and devoid of bubbles, but you’ll get over it.

The very frst time we made cider we accidentally froze the pulp. When we pressed it we couldn’t be bothered waiting for it to thaw properly, and the result was sweeter juice than normal. So we moved from freezing pulp to freezing some batches of juice, with even sweeter results. These batches were fermented and aged in barrel and produced a cider that was more akin to a dessert wine. This Ice Cider release is just a very small selection from the best barrel of freeze concentrated juice, the rest of which went into the main cider blends. It is very sweet, with notes of toffee apple, honey, and tropical fruits, but balanced with great acidity and tannins. It’s designed to be enjoyed at the end of a meal, but we find any time after breakfast is just as good, because breakfast is a meal too.

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